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2023 Board of Directors

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting last week! It was great to see everyone in person after what feels like an overall long hiatus due to the pandemic. We were happy to share the time enjoying food from St. Barbra Pinoy Bakery.

We would like to thank the outgoing board members for their service over the last couple years. Peter Sabido has served as OFALA's president and managed the organization through the pandemic. Gretel Ness leaves some financial shoes to fill after serving as our treasurer. And thank you to A.C. Estacio-Heilich for your service as an At-Large Representative.

Welcome to our 2023 Board of Directions:

President: Chris Gunn

Secretary: Chad Marquez

Treasurer: Rachelle Collins

At-Large: Katrina Durek, Rebecca Guiao

Law School Reps: Brian Aguilar, Pamela Domingo, Paige Punzalan, Anna Reutin, and Daniel Santos


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