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Chris Almerido Gunn


          Chris Almerido Gunn (she/her/siya) was born in Quezon City, Philippines to an Illocano and Pampangan family. She is excited to empower the growing Filipinx community in Oregon. Chris has worked on a broad range of issues including Bankruptcy, Landlord-Tenant, Immigration, International Business, and International Environmental Law. She graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in 2011.

            Chris is currently practicing Energy Law with a focus on compliance, transmission planning, congestion management, and the integration of renewable energy and developing technologies such as non-wires solutions and energy storage. She currently in-house counsel for the Bonneville Power Administration. Chris supports the St. Andrew Legal Clinic with pro bono work and she is a lead organizer with Pinay Powerhouse.

            In her free time, Chris enjoys sharing her love of native Illocano and Kapampangan food with her husband and child. 

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